How many trainees do you typically take on?

We are looking to recruit 12 trainees per intake.

Do you have more than one intake per year?

No, at present we have one intake starting in August.

I do not meet the minimum academic criteria, can I still apply?

Our minimum criteria is AAA at A Level and a 2:1 degree in any discipline. Applications are not screened automatically and mitigating circumstances are sometimes taken into account. However, we receive many strong applications and it is highly unlikely that candidates who do not meet the minimum criteria will be successful.

Are there any other academic requirements?

We expect candidates to pass the GDL (if applicable) and LPC at first attempt.

I have applied before, can I apply again?

If you feel that there is a considerable difference in your application please feel free to reapply.

Do you recruit on a rolling basis?

Applications for vacation schemes are assessed on a rolling basis. Training Contract applications will be assessed after the deadline.

I am a mature/international student, can I still apply?

Yes, as long as your academic grades meet the equivalent of AAA at A Level and a 2:1 degree.

I am qualified in another jurisdiction, should I apply for a training contract?

No, as a qualified lawyer please send your CV to and you will be considered for an associate position with a view to completing the QLTS.

Do you have a preferred law school?

Yes, we ask all future trainees to complete their GDL and/or LPC at BPP. However, it will not hinder your application if you have already completed your GDL and/or LPC at another institution.

Do you offer financial support through law school?

Yes, the firm will pay your GDL fees and Fast Track LPC fees plus a £7,000 maintenance grant for each academic year paid in instalments.

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